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TBT Bearings (Tiramic Bearing Technology) deliver outstanding performance. Ceramic balls are 60% lighter than steel, extremely durable, smoother and accelerate faster than their steel counterparts. The starting torque of Tiramic Bearings is only 74% of normal bearings while the turning torque is only 67% of normal bearings. Both these factors significantly reduce chain drag making pedalling lighter and your ride much smoother.

AVT shares a lot of the same properties as Kevlar. We are not aiming to stop bullets, but the strength of Kevlar is one of the key factors we wanted from AVT in our wheels.Weight for weight,AVT is eight times stronger than steel, resistant to high temperatures, fatigue, impact and the corrosion from chemicals or saltwater.


All TOKEN products equipped with Tiramic Bearings carry a distinctive “TBT” Sticker or laser etched logo.

TOKEN products equipped with Tiramic Bearings include: hubs, integrated BB, ISIS drive BB, square BB, rear derailleur pulley, headset.


  • Non-corrosive
  • Weight reduction: Ceramic balls are 60% lighter than steel balls
  • Durability: 5 to 10X longer lifespan than steel balls
  • Accelerate faster: Speed increase approaching 4%
  • Smooth rolling: Ceramic balls are rounder and smoother than steel balls
  • Low friction: Maintains momentum
  • Less vibration: Resulting in a smoother ride
  • Resistant to contamination

TOKEN have partnered with Ashima to create a dedicated hub for their AiNeon brake rotor. AiNeon is a two-piece brake rotor comprising of a stainless steel outer ring and a central aluminium spider which dissipates high braking temperatures more efficiently. At 72 grams AiNeon is one of the lightest two-piece rotors around. AiNeon is one of the first dedicated commercial brake systems to offer a standard 3 rotor bolt construction. Semi and pro-riders have been using 3 bolts for a while now to save on weight, so there's nothing new or alarming about that. Many traditionalists argue over the compromise in strength, but test results show that this is just not the case. AiNeon was tested with a braking force of 700N and repeated 1,000 times. No failures were discovered. (EN testing normally requires 425N max.) For those still not convinced the hub and rotor are also offered in 6 rotor bolt construction.



Built using weapons grade 5-axis CNC machining processes that ensure a very high level of accuracy in the hub’s construction.


A dual function hub that enables you to switch easily between Track and Road. This saves you the extra hassle of having to keep two different sets of wheels.